Unique Boston Terrier emoji stickers for iMessage.

Say it with a Boston! Seasonal costumes, famous faces and classic expressions with new stickers added every month.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Help! I downloaded the app but can't find the stickers.

Don't worry! We've had a few of these questions as Apple haven't made it very obvious where the stickers end up after they are downloaded. But it's pretty simple. Here's where to find your Bostomojis:

  1. Open your Messages on your iPhone.
  2. Click the grey arrow icon to the left of the message composer.
  3. The row will expand and show additional icons. Click the App icon on the far right.
  4. You Should see a list of all your available iMessage apps, including Bostomoji.
  5. Click the Bostomoji icon and you will see your Bostons. You can then click or drag them into your messages

Still no luck?

Depending on your settings, sometime your new iMessage apps will be turned off be default. To check, go to your iMessage apps, and click the + icon that says store. Then click on 'Manage' in the top right. You will see a list of available apps. Ensure the toggle to the right of Bostomoji is set to Green. Then go back to your list of Apps and Bostomoji should be available to use.

Can I get Bostomoji for Android?

We're currently working on an Android version of Bostomoji. This should be ready very soon! To receive an update when our Android version is available, sign up to our mailing list below:

Will Bostomoji work if I send to a friend with an Android or an iPhone without iOS 10?

Yes, people who don't have iOS 10 installed, or who don't have an iPhone, will still receive your Bostomojis as a standard photo message.

Why aren't my Bostomoji stickers with my emoji keyboard?

iMessage stickers do not appear in your emoji keyboard as they are an extension to iMessage apps, introduced with iOS 10. You can use them alongside the standard emojis or mixed with other sticker packs, however they are accessed in your iMessage Apps and not from your message keyboard.

Can I use Bostomoji on Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp or other chat apps?

At the moment Facebook and WhatsApp don't offer an open marketplace for stickers. We are working to get Bostomoji accepted for these platforms.

Can I submit ideas for more Bostomojis?

Absolutely! If you have any ideas for expressions or outfits for more bostons, please send us an email and we'll add it to our wishlist for the next update!


We welcome your feedback and ideas. If you need any help finding your iMessage apps, or have any other issues, please get in touch below.